About us

Viridisfarm-AS Ltd. is the world’s only feed supplement and foliar growth enhancer producer which applies vibro activation of minerals technology.

Our products are intended for pro-organic growth of plants and animals. Pro-organic growth is a step forward in organic growth, giving a conventional organic substances new properties. Uniqueness of the products contributes to the increased production productivity, and even more important – results with new product properties which allows our customers to create whole new brands! Special interest for our products should be from the farmers which are switching from conventional to ecological land cultivation. By using Viridisfarm product adjustment period could shortens up to 3 times!

We export over 90% of the production to foreign markets. Company basic goal is to contribute in food quality improvement by offering solutions which will decrease the cost of ecological faring and land cultivation and make the healthier food affordable to the end consumers.

Vibro activated minerals have a wide range of use (humans, cosmetic industry, textile industry, etc.). Viridisfarm-AS Ltd. is a specialized company within the Group just for Agriculture, but if you have interest in other sectors feel free to contact us!

Vision and mission

Do you remember when the food had different taste and smell? The time when you had to eat strawberries at once or they would rot, or the milk had skin on it when you boiled it?

Do you remember the time when we thought through less about the food we eat and yet were less infirm? Population increase, modern technologies and the rise of the competition were the main reasons for a development of a food industry that made food alienated from its source – the nature!

Our vision is to incite the producers to adopt responsible approach in food production and processing, thinking of the welfare of the end consumers. We act in a manner which will result that produced food, which supposed to be a source of nutrients, will be exactly what it should be. All in line with famous Hippocrates quote: “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shell be thy food”.

More info about our vision and mission you can find out on our Youtube channel.