VIBROSORB® is a 100% natural functional mineral feed supplement for all kinds of animals produced with unique patented VAM (vibro activation of minerals) technology.

VIBROSORB® in general lowers the production cost and adds new value to the products!

  • Improves FCE and EPEF
  • reduces the number of fattening days
  • improves general health - reduces drug use and mortality
  • increases the production of meat, milk and eggs
  • improves meat quality – creates new meat brand


VibroSORB is a product based on natural zeolite (Clinoptilolite), natural mineral of volcanic origin (SiO2, AlO3, Fe2O3, MgO, P2O5, CaO, Na2O, etc.). The key difference is not even in composition, although we use the best kind of zeolite in the world, but in the way it was processed! By using our patented VAM technology we have managed to produce a particle with improved bio-efficiency, better ion exchange and increased mesoporosity. Due to mentioned characteristics, the adsorption capacity and portion of reactive surface is increased four (4) times!


All our particles are under 10 ųm with D50=4,28 ųm. This is 5 times better than could be achieved by any other technology (100% natural particles). And the size matters! Usually zeolite products are used solely for detoxification of animal feed. VibroSORB works on cellular level (all others can only work in intercellular space) and has the following properties:

  • Due to two factors: highly increased ion exchange ability and enormously extended overall surface (grid like structure with kilometers of channels) VibroSORB bounds all kind of residues and toxic matter (both by absorbing and adsorbing) to its structure and takes them out of the body
  • VibroSORB bounds and neutralize mycotoxins
  • VibroSORB improves overall health condition (VibroSORB has antioxidant and immunostimulatory activity)
  • VibroSORB stimulates metabolism and proper digestion
  • Our particles are the only with activated silicon in the world! Activated silicon acts in the body as antivirus program in the computer. In first milliseconds activated silicon enters the mouth receptors are able to detect overall state of the organism and activate all nutrients in feed accordingly. This way nutrients are used most efficiently. Result – best possible feed conversion!
  • The same is with essential trace minerals, important role in bone and cartilage forming
  • VibroSORB improves oxygen transmission in blood
  • VibroSORB stimulates muscle and nerves functioning
  • The respiratory problems, diarrhea and mortality are caused by ammonia – VibroSORB significantly lowers ammonia accumulation

VibroSORB boosts immunity, lowers the mortality, increases appetite and stimulates growth! All in 100% natural way!

It is important to mention – VibroSORB, although zeolite based product but with completely different particles, does not block or adsorb any feed component!!!

Actually, what it does is activation of all other components and makes them more efficient!

The use of zeolite based products is regulated with EU directives ((67/548/EC, 1999/45/EC) and has FDA approval (CFR 582-2727).


Simply add VibroSORB into feed! As independent component or in premix. To get optimal results recommended quantities are as follows:


Modern food growth resulted with tremendous effect of pesticides and other chemicals on nutrient usability. It was necessary to bring nutrients through another source – premixes. VibroSORB is next generation, or better to say a scientific step forward in food production process. VibroSORB solves the residues and toxins from feed which enters human organism indirectly through meet.

When animals are concerned, VibroSORB cleans their organism allowing them to have better utility of nutrients and boosts their immune system.

Overall result is better, more tasteful and safer product for end consumers!

The market potential for meat producers is enormous! New quality allows producers to develop new brands.

The most important is the fact that using VibroSORB is economically justified and, at the same time, it has positive effect on human health giving the producers a tool to implement social responsibility in practice.

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